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에브리온TV (무료 실시간 TV) 1.9.16 Apk, Free Media & Video Application – APK4Now

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Description of 에브리온TV (무료 실시간 TV)Another joy in my hand, anytime, anywhere Everywhere on TV!Everyday on TV is a free rea

Description of 에브리온TV (무료 실시간 TV)

Another joy in my hand, anytime, anywhere Everywhere on TV!
Everyday on TV is a free real-time TV, cable, comprehensive channels broadcasts, podcasts, TV is a new concept app where you can enjoy to the radio.
All the many channels of 250 Enjoy free!
Watching TV, as well as a new pleasure to share live broadcasts and friends with Facebook / Twitter can be experienced.

– Everyday on TV Features –

* Multiple channels in real time cable TV to enjoy for free (terrestrial SBS, MBC, KBS is not broadcast at the request of the broadcaster-user bundeulkkeseo please requested to the station Evry on TV in the day offering to service the terrestrial broadcasters seem to come ^ ^)
With Evry comprehensive channels on TV (TV Chosun, JTBC, Channel A, MBN, YTN, AP, etc.) with a variety of channels such as real-time live broadcast channels, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the cable TV for free.
A channel of more than 250 PC, Web, and smart phones to! Enjoy unlimited on all screens.

* Free movies, animation (cartoon), magazines, podcasts, drama, leisure and culture through a variety of content channels !!
If you use a real-time Evry on TV channels free movie, animation, and various magazines, podcasts, leisure and culture channel can be watched through a variety of free content.

Tv content free movie channels, free animations, podcasts (which I do not want to know, Cultwo Show, Red bookshop in yidongjin, culture jinjunggwon cafes, politics jinjunggwon coffee shops, news break, Popeyes the lowest prices), JTBC, Channel A , TV Chosun, MBN, JTBC golf broadcast, the National Assembly broadcasting, Christian Broadcasting, Buddhist Broadcasting, Monarch Broadcasting, billiard TV, home shopping live (Hyundai Home Shopping, Lotte Home Shopping, NS Home Shopping, K shopping, GS SHOP, homaen shopping, CJ O Shopping, Dream & shopping, weekly shopping), Fishing broadcasting, drama, martial arts, Chinese drama, The Weather Channel, forecasts, international broadcasting, broadcasting securities, real-time news (Yonhap News, comprehensive channels real-time news), etc.

Guests can enjoy a variety of Internet content in real time with a variety of cable TV.

* Seamless radio, watch radio, Internet radio is now in Evry enjoy on TV !!
Popular Mnet chart, classic memories (7080, listen to music for free channels), classical music, TBS FM, children’s nursery rhymes, Arirang FM, hymns, Buddhist music, you can enjoy the popular radio channels for free.
While driving, rooms, you can enjoy all the channels offering to provide the radio mode.

* Real-time broadcast to share with your friends by Facebook / Twitter
Stop watching TV at home alone now! Every TV will come with friends via Twitter and Facebook
You can share programs that are reading. Everybody can enjoy more fun on TV!
Experience a new TV.

* Jageuljageul image quality is enough! 1MB-class high-quality viewing
Everyday on TV, you can enjoy real-time broadcast in high definition 300K or 1MB of level, depending on your environment. A simple mobile apps installed on your TV with only high-quality spreads in my smartphone.

* If you install the PC-only player, you can conveniently watch on your PC. Free to enjoy at your convenience via PC and mobile! (

** This version is a specific instrument as current trial version please understanding that service may not be smooth. In the future this service will support a variety of devices sludge is more guided and inquiries please refer to the

** Minimum Every TV will come with Android 2.3 (gingerbread) is recommended later versions of O / S in use.

Deurimyeo thank you for using our on TV Everywhere will try to help us provide a better service in the future.

* Popular Content list provided:
Channel A real-time – Uniform prepare White Paper bonded well alive Let’s go to the place to go, the US company said the decisive moment, I am momsin express recipe, National Park Journey, Car toksyo X, bitter life, people wealthy, Good Morning A, breakfast Economy Golden Time newspaper story stone fastball Show +, suggesting Inside, now go see, man giving dog food, show heard by hearsay,
TV Chosun in real time – the enemy, namnambuknyeo
MBN real time – the golden eggs, Dongchimi
jtbc real-time – Take care of your refrigerator, Marie and me, unsteady talks, witch hunt, sseoljeon, Hidden Singer, Newsroom, oh I’ll go to school, tuyu project Sugarman, knows Brother, I’ll Rustic heonjip Dao, code, pension Lottery 520

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